Edumap –Making content and pedagogy tangible

Textbooks are a vital ingredient for mathematics teachers’ lesson preparation and their pedagogical practice. As digital textbooks become prominent, teachers are coming to play a central role in curricular design, adding, removing and re-sequencing learning resources. This creates a critical need for tools that will support teachers in making informed curricular decisions. Our aim is to develop such tools, providing a window on the underlying structure and didactic balance of textbooks, to support teachers in maintaining the coherence of their textbook as they modify it.

Our development has two components: A tool for tagging mathematical and didactic metadata for individual tasks, and a dashboard - based on Keshif technology - that provides a tangible representation of this metadata for collections of tagged learning objects. An exposition of our work with the Keshif dashboard can be found on the Keshif blog.

A major challenge of our research is understanding how combinations of various categories of metadata can support teachers in making informed curricular decisions. Our design is based on a critical reading of relevant literature, combined with extensive work with practicing and pre-service teachers.