MERI - Mathematics Education Research & Innovation Center

The Mathematics Education Research and Innovation Center is dedicated to exploring how technology can help improve education - especially math education - by novel ways of learning and teaching. How we learn and what we need to know are continually changing. Our research explores, and at the same time invents the roles of technology in this process, as we strive to understand how technology relates to broader educational factors. R&D conducted by our center offers solid evidence that it is possible to substitute "inquiring" for "rote answering" as the backbone of mathematics learning.

The center aspires to expand to become the premier research incubator for technological innovation in mathematics education. The Institute aims to bring together developers and researchers from academia and industry, in Israel and abroad, with research fellows in the learning sciences.

Such an incubator would advance university research and raise the level of teaching and learning in schools and universities. The center attracts graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and associate researchers, and supports new collaborations with industry.

The MERI is directed by Prof. Michal Yerushalmy since 2001. Its previous director was Prof. Pearla Nesher (Mathematics Education).

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