Current projects

STEP is designed to help teachers and students make use of rich and interactive assignments in math classes, through the use of a wide range of technologies (cellular phones, tablets, laptops, and computers), and provide an automatic and accessible analysis of the students’ answers in a manner that would form the foundation for the teacher’s decision making in real time – during the actual course of the class.

STEP, as its name states, makes it possible to see the entire picture. By developing and preparing assignments which encourage the students to meaningfully engage with mathematics, teachers can immediately see each of the students’ work and receive visual analyses of their solutions. However, analyzing the correct answers and locating familiar mistakes through predetermined criteria is only the first step; we move far beyond correct/incorrect. STEP reflects the students’ working methods, and thus it makes it possible to use partial solutions, to present recommended work methods and even illuminate creative and diverse answers of the same assignment. The array of the visual representations for the data presents information for the teacher in an accessible form – only two clicks away – and thus it makes it possible to make decisions based on information extracted from the students’ activities. This is formative assessment par excellence. The STEP environment allows teachers to fashion different activities, which are composed from activities such as: introducing a topic, class activity, concluding assessment (exam), and even an online project.